Welcome to your first step towards choosing dental implants. The following information will guide you through the experience at our practice.


At this stage I’d like to get to know you and discuss any problems that you may have with your teeth and how you feel about the way they look. I would also like you to ask me about any worries that you may have about proceeding with any treatment. If you’re particulary nervous we can offer some form of sedation during the treatment. You could even watch a DVD to take your mind off the procedure. At this appointment I will take some photographs which are never shared without your written consent, some xrays and also some impressions of your teeth. At this point we can have a general discussion about how we can achieve a really healthy mouth and also a beautiful smile. It may be that there is a simple and more cost effective way to treat your teeth than place implants. I will be able to give you an approximate estimation of any treatment costs at this stage. From the information gathered at this appointment I will be able to write to you with a detailed treatment plan letter including any non-implant treatment alternatives and an accurate fee schedule. A current example of the fees for a single tooth would be:


In some cases extra bone may be required and this can cause mild bruising so a quiet week may be required after the placement. You will be provided with a false temporary tooth to wear while the tissues and implant is integrating into the bone.

After the placement

We tend to wait 12 weeks until everything has healed properly and the implant can be restored with a permanent tooth. Some dentists can restore your implants immediately, this method is unpredictable from an aesthetic point of view as the gums around your implant need time to heal and mature and become stable. Only then can you guarantee that the gum around your implant will look perfect. Your implant will be exposed and a healing cap placed which you will appear as a metal stud. At this point we test the implant with a special machine which gives us a percentage reading of how integrated into the bone the implant has become and whether it is ready to restore with a permanent crown.


A new crown or dentures are fitted.


After your implants are restored it is important to learn how to care for your implant. A measurement of the gum pocket depth to the implant shoulder is recorded and a final xray to show the bone level around the implant.

Flossing and interdental brushes are demonstrated and a hygiene maintenance plan recommended. You may need to visit the hygienist regularly to maintain the health of your gums. It is important to remember that implants like your own teeth can lose bone and fail if not cared for properly. The correct maintenance forms part of your guarantee of the implant itself.

A single crown

For many people, dental implants can last a lifetime, providing welcome relief from the noticeable signs of aging that premature tooth loss can hasten. They will blend naturally with your remaining teeth, without damaging them. In fact, dental implants can preserve the adjacent bone and gum tissue that is often worn down with conventional dentures and bridgework. Dental implants can provide you with the self-confidence that a complete smile can bring.



A set of dentures can be supported by either two or four implants in each jaw bone and can offer a permanent alternative to some of the difficulties of dentures. Dentures, especially on the lower jaw, are prone to slipping and sliding, which can make chewing and speaking a difficult and potentially an embarrassing chore. Dental implant dentures are more secure and comfortable than removable dentures, they look and feel like real teeth.


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