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What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is required when the pulp inside the tooth has died and is causing pain or infection. The pulp contains the nerve and blood supply that nourishes and keeps the tooth alive. The nerve can die due to several causes; the most common are listed below.

How long will the tooth last?

A tooth that has been well root treated and a sound final restoration placed to cover and protect the root filling may last a life time if cared for properly. Oral hygiene should be excellent and interdental cleaning with floss or special brushes essential. A crown is usually required over the molar and premolar teeth to prevent the tooth from fracturing. The tooth isn’t alive anymore and your brain can not assess the pressure on the tooth and so therefore can bite too hard on the tooth. It is difficult to give a precise figure for the success rate because every tooth is different and your body is unique in the way it deals with infection.

During treatment

Anesthetic will be used, the same as when you have a filling to make the procedure completely pain free. Root treatment provides relief of the pain you have been experiencing. A rubber sheet will be placed over the tooth to keep it dry and prevent any bacteria from the saliva infecting the tooth. It is very comfortable and prevents liquids from being swallowed during the treatment. A small hole is made in the biting surface of the tooth and then the canals filed, shaped, disinfected, filled and sealed with a rubber filling. Digital x-rays will be taken to assess each stage of the treatment.

The treatment will take approximately 60-90 minutes.


It is normal to feel a little discomfort after your treatment especially if you had pain before the treatment was started. Inflammation around your tooth is your body’s natural response during the healing process. The gum around the tooth may feel sore and you could have a mild aching feeling. It can be at its worst 5-7 days later, but feel comfortable at 10-14 days. Please contact reception if you feel the pain is getting worse not better.


This is uncommon but can occur if the tooth was originally badly infected. The tooth will become very tender and you may notice some pus next to the tooth. You may also notice a swelling. If this occurs please contact reception so that you can be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. Antibiotic therapy may be required.

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